Kurzschluss #2

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss maintains its exclusivity, limited appearance, unique location and enthusiastic guests from the first season, adding the best music program, new scenography and bringing to Ljubljana an amazing experience of night entertainment along the lines of the European Capitals.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, pop-up, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

Kurzschluss #1

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss is a pop-up club, a short circuit of the Ljubljana nightlife scene, offering a crazy whole night festival of entertainment by internationally renowned musicians. Every time, it offers the fun-loving crowd, striving for innovative approaches in the world of entertainment, a new experience of sophisticated scenography. Only for a short time, only for few sweet weeks in a special period of the year.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, pop-up, visual identity, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

Production of a video interview with Carl Cox and Umek

Client: FM

After the traditional August Party with a Cause, where Umek was sided by the legendary Carl Cox, we took advantage of this rare opportunity to have the two giants of electronic music in one place and created a heavyweight double interview. In a relaxed atmosphere, the two techno music legends discussed their acquaintance, their passion for music, creativity and future plans.

Tags: concept, entertainment events, VBG, music events, UMEK, production

Electronics Day 2010

Client: FM

Since 2007, Electronics day has launched the season of outdoor music festivals. The event, which aims to finally place contemporary dance electronics side by side with orchestral and band music, is also a birthday party for DJ Umek and his publishing house 1605. The Swedish techmaster Christian Smith specially honoured him with a remix of the classic Lanicor. This music day for hedonists was ended a few minutes before midnight at Križanke by DJ Umek with a Vivaldi’s Four Seasons cover, which he created with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, promotion, visual identity, scenography, marketing campaign, VBG, music events, UMEK, production, brands, events

Music n' Art n' Charity - exclusive charity event in the Old City Power Station

Client: FM

We designed a series of exclusive events that combine music, charity and art that occur only once every ten years. At the first event, we presented the 1605 ECO fund, which raises money and donates 100 percent of it to ecological projects. In the music part of the event, we witnessed the fusion of big names of the Slovenian electronic scene, Umek and a JAMirka, with the team RDYO DJ’s who prepared a hardcore/jungle/drum’n’bass set. The artistic part was contributed by Subtotal studio, which put on an SMS auction the unique “noodle” and by VJ Rasta, who caught on the cameras the movement of people and displayed it on the screens around the room in a unique way. The next event of this magnitude will take place in March 2020.

Tags: social responsibility, brand development, launch, visual identity, VBG, printing, music events, UMEK