HP Horizont application connected all the conference participants

Client: Hewlett-Packard

For the client’s most important annual conference - HP Horizont 2014, we designed and developed an application that represented the event’s key communication channel. At their first application login, the guests received a unique code as an invitation and entry ticket for the event. At the event, the application was used as a mobile agenda with descriptions of all speakers and lectures as well as a reminder, which gave notice to guests about the lectures’ beginning. The application served also as a note of lectures’ summaries, where guests had access to presentation and sponsorship contents. By integrating e-print technology and image galleries in the application, it was possible to print the chosen photos directly on HP e-print printers. The sweetest feature, enabled by the application, was the drink ordering directly to the application user’s table.

Tags: concept, assembling, conference , business events, web page, scenography, VBG, printing, production, interactivity, creative, events, integrated application

Futurist Magnus Lindkvist wowed at NPI 2014

Client: Hewlett-Packard

The Conference at the Grand Hotel Sava in Rogaška Slatina was marked by a great speaker, futurist and “trendspotter” Magnus Lindkvist. In his words, if we want to survive in today’s dynamic world, we must be creative.

Tags: assembling, conference , business events, visual identity, production, invitations and registrations

HP’s Conference Horizont 2013 at Ljubljana Castle

Client: Hewlett-Packard

The Conference was opened in a minimalistically equipped hall with an impressive 3D projection, which introduced in a symbolic way the new HP image of the future. Along with the 3D projection, the UV lights coloured the white walls of the hall, displaying content associated with the slogan of the Conference. Besides interesting multimedia and conference content, the event was marked by the speech of Dr Jernej Pikalo, Minister of Science, Education and Sports.

Tags: design, conference , business events

Print twice as much for twice as much joy and fun

Client: Hewlett-Packard

At various fun events, we set up HP corners for children and adults, where visitors of all sizes were able to try out the latest tablets and computers, while as a souvenir they received a photo printed using new and more efficient printers.

Tags: concept, assembling, entertainment events, plug-in, scenography, children events, printing, production, events

HP’s NPI Conference 2013 in City Hotel Maribor

Client: Hewlett-Packard

A specialty of the 20th consecutive conference, intended to present the client’s new products and services, was what was then the longest self-standing printed wall ever built in Slovenia. Its length was 18 meters and some specific parts of it were used for a back projection of the client’s content.

Tags: conference , business events