Kurzschluss #2

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss maintains its exclusivity, limited appearance, unique location and enthusiastic guests from the first season, adding the best music program, new scenography and bringing to Ljubljana an amazing experience of night entertainment along the lines of the European Capitals.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, pop-up, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

Last Party with a Cause

Client: Si.mobil

In August 2014, on the last Saturday of the summer, more than 15,000 young people were partying in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park at the 13th Party with a Cause. By paying the admission fee with a cause, the visitors busted a “goodmove” and contributed to the donation for the project of the Nefix Institute that aims to improve the employability of young people. Besides handing over the donation, the Client also made the announcement of jobs for young people seeking their first employment. As is a tradition by now, DJ UMEK, whose “best moves” behind the mixers have been entertaining the party visitors for years and communicating through music the importance of solidarity with others, performed for the last time at one of the greatest and most popular charity events for young people.

Tags: social responsibility, social media, assembling, entertainment events, visual identity, scenography, marketing campaign, VBG, music events, UMEK, production, brands, creative, events

Kurzschluss #1

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss is a pop-up club, a short circuit of the Ljubljana nightlife scene, offering a crazy whole night festival of entertainment by internationally renowned musicians. Every time, it offers the fun-loving crowd, striving for innovative approaches in the world of entertainment, a new experience of sophisticated scenography. Only for a short time, only for few sweet weeks in a special period of the year.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, pop-up, visual identity, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

Cooking, cheering, hanging out together and having fun at Beko Home

Client: Beko

During EuroBasket 2013, Beko Home was a unique space for socializing, cooking, entertainment and learning about the client’s products. Visitors were able to directly experience the brand in a recreated pleasant home environment, where the whole family was invited to be creative, hang out in the kitchen and living room and share the fun. We organized cooking workshops, watching matches on the big screen, prize games for basketball tickets and fun kid’s corners. The sponsor’s products were discreetly involved in all the activities. The Beko Home was always widely visited. On the other hand, a genuine experience of the brand also indirectly influenced the increased sales.

Tags: concept, entertainment events, promotion, pop-up, scenography, children events, marketing campaign, production, creative

Print twice as much for twice as much joy and fun

Client: Hewlett-Packard

At various fun events, we set up HP corners for children and adults, where visitors of all sizes were able to try out the latest tablets and computers, while as a souvenir they received a photo printed using new and more efficient printers.

Tags: concept, assembling, entertainment events, plug-in, scenography, children events, printing, production, events