HP Horizont application connected all the conference participants

Client: Hewlett-Packard

For the client’s most important annual conference - HP Horizont 2014, we designed and developed an application that represented the event’s key communication channel. At their first application login, the guests received a unique code as an invitation and entry ticket for the event. At the event, the application was used as a mobile agenda with descriptions of all speakers and lectures as well as a reminder, which gave notice to guests about the lectures’ beginning. The application served also as a note of lectures’ summaries, where guests had access to presentation and sponsorship contents. By integrating e-print technology and image galleries in the application, it was possible to print the chosen photos directly on HP e-print printers. The sweetest feature, enabled by the application, was the drink ordering directly to the application user’s table.

Tags: concept, assembling, conference , business events, web page, scenography, VBG, printing, production, interactivity, creative, events, integrated application

Electronics Day 2008

Client: FM

Electronics day is a unique music therapy, involving mental and physical stimulation of the individual and the masses. It is efficient, dynamic and beneficently affects everyone. The therapy is performed by a DJ that broadcasts a media that transmits positive vibration through ear into the body. The vibrations cause a tingling in the legs and thereby calm the restless human spirit. This way, the therapy recipient achieves positive changes in well-being, mind and consciousness. Those who are exposed to music therapy, by receiving the vibrations, regulate their natural energy potential. By sensing our energy points we reduce tension in the body and after wards one is visibly happier, more relaxed, more satisfied and susceptible to feelings of great love.

Tags: design, brand development, assembling, promotion, web page, visual identity, scenography, marketing campaign, VBG, printing, media planning, music events, UMEK, production, brands, creative, events