Last Party with a Cause

Client: Si.mobil

In August 2014, on the last Saturday of the summer, more than 15,000 young people were partying in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park at the 13th Party with a Cause. By paying the admission fee with a cause, the visitors busted a “goodmove” and contributed to the donation for the project of the Nefix Institute that aims to improve the employability of young people. Besides handing over the donation, the Client also made the announcement of jobs for young people seeking their first employment. As is a tradition by now, DJ UMEK, whose “best moves” behind the mixers have been entertaining the party visitors for years and communicating through music the importance of solidarity with others, performed for the last time at one of the greatest and most popular charity events for young people.

Tags: social responsibility, social media, assembling, entertainment events, visual identity, scenography, marketing campaign, VBG, music events, UMEK, production, brands, creative, events

Futurist Magnus Lindkvist wowed at NPI 2014

Client: Hewlett-Packard

The Conference at the Grand Hotel Sava in Rogaška Slatina was marked by a great speaker, futurist and “trendspotter” Magnus Lindkvist. In his words, if we want to survive in today’s dynamic world, we must be creative.

Tags: assembling, conference , business events, visual identity, production, invitations and registrations

Kurzschluss #1

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss is a pop-up club, a short circuit of the Ljubljana nightlife scene, offering a crazy whole night festival of entertainment by internationally renowned musicians. Every time, it offers the fun-loving crowd, striving for innovative approaches in the world of entertainment, a new experience of sophisticated scenography. Only for a short time, only for few sweet weeks in a special period of the year.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, pop-up, visual identity, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

Planning and organization of the event Top Talk 2013

Client: Si.mobil

Niki Lauda, as a keynote speaker, represented a unique challenge in planning an overall concept for this business event. We set the story in a scenically minimalistic, but contextually important aircraft hangar at the main Slovenian airport. The program content symbolized struggling through business turbulence and positioned the client as a top provider of business services. Meanwhile Niki Lauda inspired those present with his life story. The event concluded with a relaxed hanging out in front of the hangar.

Tags: concept, design, business events, visual identity, production

The production of unforgettable parties within the SFF

Client: PM

Iron steeds, adrenaline, beautiful girls, good music and interesting activities create a unique environment for fun. We set up such a mini festival environment in the centre of Sarajevo, within the largest film festival in the region. It was a 6-month project, involving the thoughtful creative planning of the entire pre-production, including the corporate image of the event and production equipment, the music program selection, targeted personal promotion and a challenging multi-day execution that further strengthened the customer’s leading position within the product segment.

Tags: concept, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, plug-in, pop-up, visual identity, personal inviting, scenography, rendering, printing, music events, production, creative, invitations and registrations, events