Kurzschluss #2

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss maintains its exclusivity, limited appearance, unique location and enthusiastic guests from the first season, adding the best music program, new scenography and bringing to Ljubljana an amazing experience of night entertainment along the lines of the European Capitals.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, pop-up, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

Kurzschluss #1

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss is a pop-up club, a short circuit of the Ljubljana nightlife scene, offering a crazy whole night festival of entertainment by internationally renowned musicians. Every time, it offers the fun-loving crowd, striving for innovative approaches in the world of entertainment, a new experience of sophisticated scenography. Only for a short time, only for few sweet weeks in a special period of the year.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, pop-up, visual identity, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

The Beko Home pop-up exhibition and entertainment space

Client: Beko

During the Basketball euphoria in Slovenia, the Beko Home was a unique space dedicated to cooking, hanging out and having fun, while at the same time being a sophisticated and innovative showroom for the client’s products in the very centre of Ljubljana. Based on the “pop-up” principle, we arranged it in a completely empty space before the beginning of EuroBasket 2013, and closed it by restoring everything to the same condition 30 days later. When designing the space and choosing the materials and equipment, as well as proposing activities and their performers, we followed the character of the brand, while our program proposal allowed visitors to have a genuine direct experience with the brand.

Tags: concept, pop-up, sports activities, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, production

The production of a series of music/racing events in the region

Client: PM

This regional project is designed according to a sieve selection system that enables visitors to smaller regional events in Albania, Kosovo, Croatia and Slovenia to enter the exclusive event, while the best participants in the activities at these events have the opportunity to participate in the fun-racing event in Vransko. The more than 9-month long project is distinguished by its software, creative, production, logistics and promotional excellence, and especially by the enormous enthusiasm of all the participants.

Tags: concept, design, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, plug-in, personal inviting, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, sports events, music events, production, creative, invitations and registrations, events

Party with a Cause for the first time in Maribor with MGMT

Client: Si.mobil

The eighth consecutive musical-charity event was organized in Maribor for the first time, where the set up in the city centre represented the biggest logistical challenge. In the program context, the American celebrities MGMT marked the event. On the stage was also DID, Bunny Lake, Rotor, Code.ep and We can’t sleep at night.

Tags: social responsibility, design, assembling, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, VBG, Facebook, music events, production