Kurzschluss #2

Client: FM & Black Pony

Kurzschluss maintains its exclusivity, limited appearance, unique location and enthusiastic guests from the first season, adding the best music program, new scenography and bringing to Ljubljana an amazing experience of night entertainment along the lines of the European Capitals.

Tags: concept, brand development, assembling, entertainment events, pop-up, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, Facebook, music events, production, brands, creative, events

HP Horizont application connected all the conference participants

Client: Hewlett-Packard

For the client’s most important annual conference - HP Horizont 2014, we designed and developed an application that represented the event’s key communication channel. At their first application login, the guests received a unique code as an invitation and entry ticket for the event. At the event, the application was used as a mobile agenda with descriptions of all speakers and lectures as well as a reminder, which gave notice to guests about the lectures’ beginning. The application served also as a note of lectures’ summaries, where guests had access to presentation and sponsorship contents. By integrating e-print technology and image galleries in the application, it was possible to print the chosen photos directly on HP e-print printers. The sweetest feature, enabled by the application, was the drink ordering directly to the application user’s table.

Tags: concept, assembling, conference , business events, web page, scenography, VBG, printing, production, interactivity, creative, events, integrated application

Print twice as much for twice as much joy and fun

Client: Hewlett-Packard

At various fun events, we set up HP corners for children and adults, where visitors of all sizes were able to try out the latest tablets and computers, while as a souvenir they received a photo printed using new and more efficient printers.

Tags: concept, assembling, entertainment events, plug-in, scenography, children events, printing, production, events

The production of a series of music/racing events in the region

Client: PM

This regional project is designed according to a sieve selection system that enables visitors to smaller regional events in Albania, Kosovo, Croatia and Slovenia to enter the exclusive event, while the best participants in the activities at these events have the opportunity to participate in the fun-racing event in Vransko. The more than 9-month long project is distinguished by its software, creative, production, logistics and promotional excellence, and especially by the enormous enthusiasm of all the participants.

Tags: concept, design, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, plug-in, personal inviting, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, sports events, music events, production, creative, invitations and registrations, events

The production of unforgettable parties within the SFF

Client: PM

Iron steeds, adrenaline, beautiful girls, good music and interesting activities create a unique environment for fun. We set up such a mini festival environment in the centre of Sarajevo, within the largest film festival in the region. It was a 6-month project, involving the thoughtful creative planning of the entire pre-production, including the corporate image of the event and production equipment, the music program selection, targeted personal promotion and a challenging multi-day execution that further strengthened the customer’s leading position within the product segment.

Tags: concept, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, plug-in, pop-up, visual identity, personal inviting, scenography, rendering, printing, music events, production, creative, invitations and registrations, events