Basketball playgrounds renovation within Beko Refresh initiative

Client: Beko

In spring 2013, we launched the campaign “Beko Refresh for you and future generations” and Slovenian basketball fans had the chance to nominate on the Facebook page Beko Slovenia the playgrounds they wanted to see renovated, and later to invite as many friends as possible to vote for that playground. The main ambassador of the campaign was Esad Babačić, a well-known Slovenian writer, journalist and big basketball fan. We refreshed the image of the ten most voted playgrounds, giving them a new impetus for exciting basketball battles. For the opening of the first renovated playground within the Trnovo Sports Association, we also organized a small event for journalists, basketball fans and young basketball players.

Tags: social responsibility, launch, marketing campaign, Facebook, sports events, production, press conference

Protocol visits at Beko Home

Client: Beko

During the European basketball championship, Beko Home, a unique exhibition and entertainment pop-up space, was also visited by prominent guests who tried out their culinary skills: Arçelik A.Ş., CEO of the company that produces the brand Beko Levent Çakıroğlu, Patrick Baumann, General FIBA Secretary and International Olympic Committee member, and Ljubljana’s Mayor Zoran Janković.

Tags: marketing campaign, sports events, events

Press conference at the opening of Beko Home

Client: Beko

One day before the opening of the European Basketball Championship, we launched the Beko Home in the centre of Ljubljana with a press conference, a unique pop-up space where people can hang out, have fun, learn about Beko products by using them and get familiar with the brand values.

Tags: launch, pop-up, marketing campaign, sports events, events, press conference

Press Conference at the presentation of the main sponsor of Eurobasket 2013

Client: Beko

In the premises of the largest seller and distributor of Beko products in Slovenia, we organized a press conference as an introduction to EuroBasket 2013. Its purpose was to present the Beko brand, which was the main sponsor of the championship and the pillar of socially responsible initiatives for the renovation of Slovenian basketball playgrounds, “Beko Refresh”.

Tags: launch, marketing campaign, sports events, production, press conference

The production of a series of music/racing events in the region

Client: PM

This regional project is designed according to a sieve selection system that enables visitors to smaller regional events in Albania, Kosovo, Croatia and Slovenia to enter the exclusive event, while the best participants in the activities at these events have the opportunity to participate in the fun-racing event in Vransko. The more than 9-month long project is distinguished by its software, creative, production, logistics and promotional excellence, and especially by the enormous enthusiasm of all the participants.

Tags: concept, design, assembling, entertainment events, promotion, plug-in, personal inviting, scenography, rendering, marketing campaign, printing, sports events, music events, production, creative, invitations and registrations, events